About Us

Sacred Sunday is destination for modern self-care ritual. A space to discover consciously-curated essentials for your mind, body, and soul. Having found that our own wellness and spiritual practices often interlaced, Sacred Sunday was conceived in an effort to create a thoughtfully, re-imagined experience which blurs the lines between the two. It's a place for spiritual junkies and beauty enthusiasts alike!
We Believe
We believe rituals are deeply personal practices. We believe that rituals are embodied ways of communicating with the sacred. We believe that self-care is not selfish, but necessary. We believe that self-care is how you take you power back. We believe Sacred Sunday has daily essentials to help you become the best possible version of yourself!
We Promise
We promise to provide a meaningful experience, through a conscious curation of product for the Mind, Body and Soul, as it relates to ritual practice. The products and brand that we hand-select are all vetted by our team to ensure that we offer the best products which not only align with our ethos but that will help you balance your spiritual and wellness journey.
Our Intention - Sacred Sunday