White Onyx Ceremonial Offering Bowl

White Onyx Ceremonial Offering Bowl

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White Onyx Healing Properties: 
- Grounding Stone
- Deflects Negativity
- Provides Inner Strength & Willpower
- Promotes Concentration & Focus

These white onyx crystal bowls are perfect for storing your favorite crystals, stones, herbs and jewelry. Use your offering bowls during a moon ritual or place on your meditation alter with your favorite healing crystals, display your jewelry beautifully, using your bowl as a trinket dish and ornate your work space with this soothing accessory to help you keep your focus and concentration!

Let you intuition guide you in choosing the crystal bowl that speaks to you. Use the drop down to make your selection!

At Sacred Sunday, we intuitively hand-select every gemstone to ensure that each piece is the highest grade and quality.

Oyxn bowls measure approx. 5.5" x 4"

*Bowls may vary slightly in coloration and size